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9.45's and cine film

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Back in the day there was a record-making booth on Waterloo Station. While waiting for a train one day 53 years ago, Mum had the inspiration to record me (7)and my sister (6) singing 'Oh how he lied", a Pete Seeger favourite. This is the record , scratchy and barely audible but the voices of two young girls singing their hearts out. I was also aware of some old black and white cine film footage of myself, sister and a cousin, dancing in our then back yard, in my loft. I got this transferred to digital media and hey presto there we all were, oblivious to the camera, prancing around intently to no sound. Strange and eerie to see myself at that age, so very long ago. It was me but not me at the same time. What was she thinking? What were her dreams ,aspirations and wishes? It reminded me of that T.V programme I'd recently watched ; '7 Up'. The producers had interviewed a group of 14 x 7 years olds in 1964 about their lives and had continued to interview them every 7 years. Watching them develop over the series until the latest ,broadcast in 2019 when they were all 63, was riveting, exposing, both saddening and joyful and informing. What would I say now, to my seven year old self?

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