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2.The Slippery Room

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The Coax evenings were set up by Rosa Postlethwaite and Hannah Murphy. They ran on a Thursday evening, up in Space Six, Central Newcastle. The idea was for practitioners to try out or scratch, a three minute idea or a piece in front of their peers. Usually only six people on average. A guiding theme or word was set up in advance via social media for practitioners to work around as a starting point or they could turn up with ideas currently being worked on. Everyone showed their piece without comment and then all gathered in the seating area with a cup of tea. Everyone described a persons work with one word, then one question was asked by the practitioner to their peers, followed by any questions from the peers to the practitioner. It was for me, a fruitful and invaluable seeding ground for so many ideas, performed in a safe arena. Elements of several pieces I generated for coax were later used in my final performances. This particular one I titled” The slippery room”.

I extracted a fluffy slipper from a plastic bag and proceeded to explore the studio room with the slipper; slapping , hitting, stroking, caressing, drumming different elements of the room structure and objects within it. Sometimes fearfully, sometimes angrily, sometimes curiously. I finally put the slipper on my foot and slide/walked out of the room.

The Slippery Room

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