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3.Golden path to the perfect selfie

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

This is another outcome of a Coax event entitled” The Golden Path to the Perfect Selfie"

I put my naked feet into a tray of gold paint and proceeded to walk down a line of brown paper. Leaving footprints of gold, which as I walked, I sprinkled with glitter. On reaching the end I carefully pulled up the brown paper and wrapped it round me like a dress, then proceeded to mimic taking selfies on an imaginary phone.

My idea behind it was to portray the realisation that one could create an image of oneself, of whatever you wanted to be and put it out on social media. The interpretation and feedback from my peers was perceived as an older woman reminiscing her past and wishing she was younger. I realised that my age and appearance was overriding what I was trying to say in a performance. Lesson learnt.

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